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March 2022 

Get to know our youngest and oldest crew members, discover a local product we use and find out a little bit about what makes this baker tick.


April 2022

Ever heard of Paska? This traditional Ukrainian Easter bread is a bakery favourite and is the perfect product to highlight this month along with the local ingredient integral to the richness of this bread.  Meet another amazing crew member who works in the kitchen with me.


May 2022

It is time to think about spring, which for us means working even harder in the kitchen to keep our customers happy.  You will meet one of our younger crew members and discover her connection to our local ingredient of the month.


June 2022
Local rhubarb is one of our favourite products to use, just have to find room in the freezer!  This business has grown so much in the past few years and it is largely due to people like Heidi who work in the kitchen with me during the week.  We have a pretty unique story about how she came to work for us.